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Cast Of Argylle Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed Story

Bryan Cranston Argylle Movie Director
Bryan Cranston
Henry Cavill Argylle Movie
Henry Cavill
Richard-E.-Grant Argylle Movie Director
John Cena Argylle Movie Hero
John Cena
Dua Lipa Argylle Movie
Dua Lipa
Ariana DeBose Argylle Movie
Ariana DeBose
Bryce Dallas Howard Argylle Movie
Bryce Dallas Howard
Raagni Sharma Argylle Movie
Raagni Sharma

Movie Release Date:- 2, February, 2024

cast of argylle full movie

Arjle Full Movie is a generative thriller produced by Bentley Wang. The film stars David Washington, Sammelan Koontz, Henry Cavill, Arjun Sharda, Jason Statham, Kathleen Newton and Stanley Tucci. It focuses on the investigation of a murder involving members of an environmental protection organization in the form of a gang.

A mysterious man is lurking in the market of the lively community of Wingle, who has been identified by a jury as part of a conspiracy behind the quarter. To find out, he has to go on a murder and thriller journey with his close friend Samar in his school. As they arrive at a stormy isolated garage, they discover a hidden truth that will change their lives forever. Argylle Full Movie in Hindi Free Download

The film is packed with suspense, providing regular and exciting cliffhangers to keep the audience interested. The film is a modern travelogue that deals with the search for self-identity and truth through speech and action.

Argylle Movie Trailer

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